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atlanta media cost comparison
How are you spending your advertising dollars?
Local monthly magazine advertising?
Newspaper ads?
Ever wonder if you’re really getting the most out of your marketing campaign?

In all of those mediums, your ad is there one day (or month) and gone the next...with little lasting impression unless you remarket through that medium. With vehicle graphics, your advertising is on a movable canvas that you OWN and can position wherever your prospects might be. Own a painting company? How about parking your vehicle wrap at Home Depot on a Saturday? Do you market to pet owners? Spend some time at a dog park. Are business owners your target? Attend a Chamber function! Wherever your vehicle is, your message is there too! Vehicle graphics offer longevity, with the typical wrap or partial wrap lasting five years. Further, your vehicle not only becomes a marketing expense, but remains a depreciable asset. Put those gas expenses to good use!

Fleet advertising offers the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of any mass advertising mediums, based on research conducted by Outdoor Advertising Association of America and Fleet Advertising Media Group. Advertising expenses are typically calculated in cost per thousand or CPM, as in how much it costs to reach 1,000 people. And in Atlanta, you can expect 600 impressions per mile driven!

Consider the cost to advertise on a billboard. You must have the graphics printed and rent the space (anywhere from $1,200-$30,000 per month in Atlanta). With vehicle graphics, your billboard is mobile, costs much less and you don't have to rent the space. You can use the money you'd spend to rent billboard space toward your car lease or loan. Even with a full wrap on a vehicle, you can pay off a new car in a pretty reasonable amount of time vs. tossing money at a billboard.

Review the following illustration of a typical monthly advertising budget. Don't spend it all on advertising! You can put your advertising dollars to work for your transportation and travel budget! For what you might spend just for a billboard or Sunday ad, you can have a vehicle that assists you in your business AND makes a great advertising medium.


And, if you already own your vehicle (and a car payment and insurance are already in your monthly budget), your added marketing expense for a vehicle wrap is going to be
less than $70 per month (for any of the vehicles listed above).

Wait: there's more!
Your one-time vehicle graphics investment can work for you for up to five years or even longer. Now, that's a lot of impressions!

why vehicle graphics are effective
In our technology-driven media environment in which the consumer has access to satellite radio, cable or satellite TV, the internet and numerous print media outlets, the visibility of outdoor advertising allows the advertiser’s message to stand out. Further, even those who no longer commute still spend time on the road in order to run errands, attend events or dine.

And if you’re in the ‘burbs and worried that you won’t receive as many impressions as those in the city, take heart. The suburb or “micropolis” may have fewer cars, but the prospects there are typically more affluent, meaning they are more likely to buy your goods and services! Consider the following statistics of the micropolis, as reported by the Outdoor Advertising Association. It is an expanding market characterized by many families with relatively high disposable incomes that are growing, providing clear opportunities for marketers. Outdoor advertising provides an excellent means of reaching the consumer in the micropolis. This is true both for businesses that operate nationally, who can target consumers across different micropolis areas, as well as those businesses who operate in a single micropolis. Indeed, because of the low cost per thousand exposures of outdoor advertising, it is an ideal advertising medium to those targeting the suburbs as well as the city limits.

Atlanta and surrounding suburb transportation figures
• Atlantans travel 131.7 million miles every day
(Source: 2005 Air Quality Report, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority)
• The average one-way commute in Atlanta is 19.7 miles, and the average one-way travel time is 35.9 minutes. (Source: Atlanta regional commuter survey, 2007, conducted by the Center for Transportation and the Environment on behalf of the Georgia Department of Transportation)
• "Over the past 10 years, daily traffic on Georgia's urban roadways has increased by 51 percent. Atlanta is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country," according to Tracy Paden of the Clean Air Campaign.

Vehicle graphics effectiveness statistics
• 91% of the people surveyed by the American Trucking Association (ATA) reported that they DO NOTICE words and pictures on vehicles.
75% reported that they developed an IMPRESSION of the company based on the vehicle graphics.
29% said they would BASE A BUYING DECISION on these impressions.

tips on vehicle graphic design
Text in a vehicle graphics design should be short and concise, as there is a limit to the amount of information a person can absorb at one time. Bold, non-serif fonts are easier to read in short messages at long distances. Graphics are usually more effective than words as they attract the eye more quickly. Additionally, corporate logos promote image recognition.

In-Depth knows all of the tips and tricks of vehicle wrap design and can help you create a vehicle wrap that WORKS for your business!

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