Becoming a speed legend doesn't happen overnight. Whether your passion is cars, boats, or bikes, you've gotta have the dream...the drive... the determination....and of couse, the decals!

Outstanding vehicle graphics, including full vehicle wraps, graphic splashes, partial wraps, and simple decals take your team to the next level. Your graphics are your team's first impression...before the race even begins. So, what do you want to say? Speed...adrenaline...excitement. This is why you do what you do. And this is what we can convey in your graphics.


Wrap Frenzy is a joint venture between two companies that brings professional quality vehicle graphics to race teams and hobbyists. This partnership allows each company to focus on what they do best and provide you with the best possible design, print, and installation to meet your needs. You'll still work only with one contact, but you'll have the benefit of two companies at your service!

In-Depth Signs & Designs is a family-owned company with a vast amount of experience in design and installation of vehicle graphics.

Edge Digital Graphics specializes in large format printing using the best equipment in the market and a team of production specialists second to none.

Together, they are Wrap Frenzy...aggressive graphics for a fast-paced world.



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